We provide online security solutions so that bloggers can work without worrying about security issues. We offer the following services to our customers.

Detect website malware

Bloggers are constantly being attacked by the hackers. If you know how to detect attacks, then you will be able to form a good security framework for your website. We provide continuous monitoring of your sites. Whenever a security incident takes place, we provide immediate alerts. We use remote and server level scanning technologies to detect attacks.

Website malware removal

We can remove any malware from the website. So, if your site has been hacked, we can help you in getting rid of the malware. We provide anti-virus solutions to protect your website.

Prevent website attacks

Website hacks occur when an insecure code is being exploited. You need to have strong defenses to prevent the hackers from infecting your website. We get rid of website security vulnerabilities and block pages if someone tries to hack.

These security services help bloggers to make their site secured. The security measures we provide will stop hackers from getting into your site and stealing or manipulating information. This way the readers can also have the peace of mind that they are viewing a secure site. If you are a blogger, then call us to discuss how we can help you.