Must Have Security Tools for Bloggers

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Must Have Security Tools for Bloggers


All the bloggers out there must put their guards up so that they do not fall victim to online security threats, which have become very common these days. Bloggers have important content on their websites and anyone snooping into their personal data might cause the blog a great deal of information and unique content. Bloggers normally use word press for writing purposes and as a content management system so it is always recommended that they strengthen the security of such application making it nearly impossible for hackers to get into it! Following are some of the tools that might help bloggers enhance their online security.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Hackers are very likely to eavesdrop into your systems to get illegal access to your passwords and other credentials, this can be stopped by using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will encrypt your entire internet connection and location and will make it impossible to get access to your private information with your consent. It also protects your internet connection and makes it safe for your use. It basically changes your IP address making your identity unknown to anyone who might try to find and then hack you!
If you are a blogger and an Expat, then you need a reliable vpn for expat more than other do! That is because a VPN would always help you visit all those websites from back home which otherwise won’t be possible.
It can also give you an easy access to all the social networking websites to contact back home, which are otherwise banned, in the region you have moved to. So this way a VPN would not only help you keep blogging but will also solve most of the worries which every Expat has to face!

A Remote Back-Up Service

A back-up setup is more important for bloggers than it is for anyone else. Bloggers have a lot of content saved in their system. This content may be a work of many years or a record kept from the beginning of the creation of that particular blog. If unfortunately, your system gets hacked or broken and you have no back-up setup to support your systems, all that work of years will go down the drain in just a few seconds! However, if you keep your system connected with a back-up application, then all your data will be sent to it after periodic intervals and it will have it stored forever.

WordPress Security Scan

All Bloggers using the WordPress for content management should periodically run a Security Scan. It makes you aware of all the threats that might be looping around your system. It does this by informing you about the reputation of the host and other search engine’s reputation.


A Threat Intelligence Platform

This application leverages the crowd-sourcing power and helps identify all attack vectors before they can mess with your site. It though its effective system, protects you from almost all the cyber-attacks that your site might face.

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