Cloud security tips

by Robert Summers
Cloud security tips

How many people do you know that care about their personal Cloud security in a proper way? What about you? Do you know everything about it? Curious to find out more? Well, then, you are at the right place! Here, Blogospherus will share with you the best Cloud security tips you would be ever able to find! So, stay concentrated, and learn with us together! Protect yourself in a cyber world properly!

1. Encrypting your data. Using cloud services for this purpose is one of the best things you can do to keep your sensitive data as safe as it is possible. Besides that, it would be the best to encrypt the data you want or need even before you upload them to the Cloud. There are many free encryption tools that can help you to complete this easily.

2. ”What to put in the storage?” If you think that you want to put all your sensitive information in the Cloud, well we have a bad news for you then. What would be those sensitive data? Those may be some lists of your passwords, any unencrypted data, or your personal information. So, remember our first fact and connect it with our second.

3. The terms of service. Yes, I know. It may sound like a long and boring task to do. Yet, if you want to be completely safe, then you should definitely apply this security step into your routine. Be sure that you read it to the details.

4. Password. Using a strong password is always recommended, but especially when we are talking about Cloud security tips. That is the place where you want to store your data, right? Well, you should create a very strong password then. Be sure that no one knows it. Use big and small characters, and of course, mix those with numbers.

5. Authentication. Have you ever thought how two-factor authentication may be a great cybersecurity tip when it comes to Cloud? Yes, you just need to enable it. Why is it so important? With this type of authentication, each time you log in, you will be checked. Maybe you will log in from your mobile device, and that is exactly why two-factor authentication is so important here.

6. All those automatic uploads. If you are already using Cloud (and I am pretty sure that you do, or at least thinking to start using it), then you need to know how those automatic uploads are not good for you. Just disable those uploads because you never know which file or data may be vulnerable there.

7. Use VPN. Using a Virtual Private Network is highly recommended for literally anything. When it comes to Cloud, you may feel even safer by using a VPN connection. It will keep you as anonymous and you won’t need to worry about being hacked or losing your personal data for even a second. Sounds amazing? Well, that is exactly what VPN connection is, absolutely amazing!

Overall, it is not that hard to stay safe on Cloud, don’t you think? Now when you know how you should behave while using it, you are ready to spread this knowledge with your friends or colleagues!