5 things hackers want from websites

5 things hackers want from websites

Technology is a part of our daily lives. This encourages hackers to access our personal information. For the past decade, internet banking has become common. People send money to others just by a click. This kind of activities makes the site vulnerable to hacking. Here are some things that the hackers want from websites.

Server disruption


Hackers may want to shut down a particular website or make it useless. Distribute Denial of Service or DDoS is one of the most popular forms of server disruption.

Financial loss


Hackers attack sites that offer online banking. They place malicious code on sites to steal money from the users. They also steal credit card information.

Information leakage


Hackers can access your private information to steal your Social Security Number or expose a website having an important database. Information leakage is a serious threat to businesses. It can damage a company’s reputation and business.

Web site vandalism


This is used to get the attention of the people. It is often used during political campaigns to ruin another candidate’s reputation. So, this lowers the candidate’s chance of winning the election.

Unauthorized execution of code


Hackers infect a user with malware to take control of the user’s computer. This is a powerful hacking as the hacker can have full control of the user’s computer

Now you know why hackers try to get into your site. Most of these activities are dangerous. It damages personal and professional reputation. So, you must protect your site from these hackers all the time so that they cannot access your site and steal your data.