4 ways to improve your blog security

4 ways to improve your blog security

Hackers try to get into websites every day and install malware to redirect users to their sites. WordPress is a popular tool used for creating blogs. So, hackers are always ready to attack these sites. Here are four ways you can enhance the security of your blog.

Make the login secured

In your WordPress blog, ‘admin’ is the default username. You should change this name as soon as possible. You should also use Captcha for logging in to protect your site from attackers. You can install Captcha plugins in your site.

Don’t advertise the WordPress version of the blog

WordPress sites publish a version number. This makes it easier for visitors to know whether you are using an obsolete edition of WordPress or not. If you expose this version number, your site will become vulnerable to attacks. You should go to the WordPress installation directory and delete the readme.html file.

Back up your blog automatically

You can recover from hacks using regular backups. You can restore the whole site easily if you lose data. Before installing new plugins or updating the WordPress version, you should make a backup.

Provide password authentication to your WordPress admin folder

You should prevent hackers from entering the login page of your blog. You can add password protection to your WordPress admin folder. You can add password authentication through Cpanel.

These security steps will help to keep hackers away from your blog. So, you can blog safely, and readers will also be able to read your blog every day securely.