4 reasons why blogging is so popular today

by Robert Summers
4 reasons why blogging is so popular today

Blogs are now an essential part of people’s life. People now like to share their experience with others, get advice, express views on some topics, etc. Blogging lets you know the reaction of others regarding your writing. Here are four main reasons for the popularity of blogging.



Blogging is a nice way to meet new people worldwide. It helps to spread ideas beyond boundaries. You can connect with people to have their view on your writing. You can also ask them about their opinion. It doesn’t matter if you live in Australia or Canada because you can reach your blog server/hosting from any place which has internet connection.



Companies use a blog as a platform for advertising. They can also get reviews about their products and services through these blogs. It is a good platform for branding your products or services as well. As many readers visit blogs daily, it is a good chance for companies to promote their business.

To create awareness


There are many blogs that are issue based. Bloggers try to provide information that will lead to public debate. These blogs are created for building awareness regarding certain issues. For example, if you see any injustice in your community, you can write about it and gain public support.

Self promotion


Blogs can be used for self-promotion. By writing blogs, you can share knowledge and showcase your skills in front of others. You can promote your skills through blogs. For example, you have written a book, and you can promote it on your blog.

Blog is a popular information sharing platform that was initially meant to share personal experiences. But now most businesses