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Google Penguin Penalty October 2014

penguin google update

Latest Google Penguin update in the beginning of October 2014, rolled out in Europe first and then in the US.

As Penguin is all about spam fighting , it is high time we checked our anchor text diversity, money keywords vs branded and natural looking keywords etc..

A great tool for this job is removeem.

You can research into the diversity of your inbound backlinks anchor text diversity and improve things where you might risk of a penalty from the Penguin bird !

Look for high ratios of specific keywords and try to disavow them.

Google latest algo October 2014


Many dudes have been seriously hit by the latest Google algo.

Well it is heard that this is targeted to poor content and not spammy , backlinking!

After this August, where many reputable businessmen trusted wacky companies for their SEO , Google dancing till now, this is the first algo kick in the nutts of this winter.

Dont want to “throw oil in fire” as they say in Texas, but my ranking for my top money earning keywords go really well, you can see a small example in the picture :)

This is for the website i perform the best magic seo wizardy stuff aka the No SEO Tactic. Just pure nice user targeted content, without in your face cheeky affiliate marketing landing pages. This site goes like a charm , without performing any seo whatsoever… and bear on mind quite competitve keys , which obviously i won’t share here today!

Cheers guys ;-)



Greek online shopping sees no crisis

shop online

It is a fact that the global financial recession has hit our country really bad. Thousands of medium, small and a few large businesses closing down day by day. You can see hundreds of “for sale or rent” budges all around the city streets.

Well, this is no the case for online shopping though. There are no many sits lefts and all players , big and small have sharpened their knives and went out for hunting. Last year only in the clothing and shoes niche market around 1.5 million euros turnover , is calculated for the Greek online shopping industry.

Many new eshops are being created day by day . This huge level of competition , creates a high level of product and service quality , which is always in favor of the consumer ! You can find the best Greek electronic stores here.

The keys for having trust in a relationship!

Good relationships don’t just happen overnight. It take work, commitment and a whole lot of effort!

Here are 7 key steps that you can implement into your relationship. Give it a try!


This is the most important choice you can make to improve your relationship. This means that you learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and your emotional needs. This means that instead of trying to get your partner to make you feel happy and secure, you must learn how to do this for yourself through your own thoughts and your actions.

This means learning to treat yourself with kindness, caring, compassion, and acceptance instead of self-judgment. Self-judgment will only make you feel unhappy and will cause excess stress on your relationship.

For example, instead of getting angry at your partner for your emotions of abandonment when he or she is late, busy and not listening to you, not turned on sexually, and so on, you would explore your own feelings of abandonment and discover that you are possibly abandoning yourself.  Continue Reading