We provide online security solutions so that bloggers can work without worrying about security issues. We offer the following services to our customers.

Detect website malware

Bloggers are constantly being attacked by the hackers. If you know how to detect attacks, then you will be able to form a good security framework for your website. We provide continuous monitoring of your sites. Whenever a security incident takes place, we provide immediate alerts. We use remote and server level scanning technologies to detect attacks.

Website malware removal

We can remove any malware from the website. So, if your site has been hacked, we can help you in getting rid of the malware. We provide anti-virus solutions to protect your website.

Prevent website attacks

Website hacks occur when an insecure code is being exploited. You need to have strong defenses to prevent the hackers from infecting your website. We get rid of website security vulnerabilities and block pages if someone tries to hack.

These security services help bloggers to make their site secured. The security measures we provide will stop hackers from getting into your site and stealing or manipulating information. This way the readers can also have the peace of mind that they are viewing a secure site. If you are a blogger, then call us to discuss how we can help you.

Australians who love to travel – a great example for all of us

There are all kinds of dangers waiting for you once you leave your sunny Australia and decide to travel a bit. Especially if you’re taking your laptop with you. Internet safety and user privacy have become a serious issue, so your personal and other data is always at risk. Moreover, if you’re traveling to unknown places. Want to stay safe when connecting to an unfamiliar public Wi-Fi? Netflix Australia is not enough because you want to access more TV shows? Want to be sure that your logins or passwords won’t be hacked and your payment credentials will be safe? The solution to all of these problems is simple – just use a VPN service!


VPN is a virtual private network that can help you hide your IP address, browse the web securely and access streaming services that are blocked due to geographic restrictions. VPN can help you to virtually change your location by connecting to another server that is located on the other side of the world. Moreover, if you’re using a VPN service provider, your Internet traffic and activity is encrypted. Encryption helps to hide your activities, so that even your Internet Service Provider cannot track you and know what kind of websites you are browsing or what kind of material you are sharing/downloading. VPN service provider helps to switch between multiple locations and access geographically locked content. While using a certain VPN service, you can surf the web safely and without fear that you are being tracked.

Thinking to use a free Wi-Fi network? Hmm, think again.

You never know who is the Internet Service Provider when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. There might be some instances when you could be using some hacker’s network posing as a Wi-Fi and leaking information to third parties. Moreover, if the public network is not that well encrypted, anyone with ill intentions can get ahold of your data like logins and passwords. It’s important to always be wary of what kind of network you connect to and what kind of websites you’re visiting.

Don’t worry, you still can have a great holiday without any worries

VPN gives you extra security and privacy, as it encrypts your data. When traveling, you need your personal information to stay safe, especially if you’re using your bank account services or PayPal. VPN encrypts and encodes your data, as all VPNs have encryption protocols. This means that the stronger the encryption, the better the chance for your information to stay private.


Netflix and other restricted content

A lot of Internet users have been using VPN services to access geographically blocked websites. With the help of a VPN, you can very simply access restricted content and furthermore – use the most popular streaming services. Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer are all restricted to certain countries and as you can connect to any location with a VPN, you can access the mentioned streaming services as well. Easily watch your favorite TV shows and movies while traveling and do not worry about the country restrictions at all. Moreover, watch US Netflix with VPN in Australia or in any other country. You just need to connect to a US server and then login into your Netflix account and that’s it – you can now access US Netflix with a VPN and with more content than when using Australian Netflix. Check out some options of VPN for Netflix in Australia.
While traveling is fun, it’s better to be safe than sorry and uses safety measures according, especially when using a VPN is easy. Not only you’ll feel safer in general, you’ll be able to access streaming services like Netflix, HBO and more.